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Services to SEAGE Members

The members of SEAGE are the Regional Agritourism Unions of Greece. SEAGE provides its members with the following services:

  • The award of special label to those companies meeting with the requirements and specifications of Agritourism in Greece.
  • The establishment of quality standards for construction, equipment, raw materials and products, services, organization, administration, personnel, safety requirements and environmental protection.
  • The set-up of a system for assessment and monitoring, the targeting of the compliance with the quality standards in the participating companies.
  • The raising of  awareness amongst the local population and public bodies about the of quality in Agritourism enterprises in the regions.
  • The elaboration of researches relating to the promotion of local products and services; the satisfaction ratings of the services offered in the regions.
  • The evaluation of the SEAGE projects and the redefinition of quality standards when necessary.
  • The implementation of partnerships concerning the development and promotion of the regions.
  • The planning and implementation of training for business owners and staff.
  • The planning and organization of joint actions to promote local businesses.
  • The creation of a common infrastructure to support the needs of business members of the Agritourism Unions.
  • The monitoring  of the legislative framework and information to SEAGE members.
  • The monitoring of the economic environment and information to SEAGE members.