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The establishment of the Hellenic Agritourism Federation (SEAGE) was a decision of the Regional Agritourism Unions during the meeting of Rural Enterprises, on April 9, 2008 in Crete, in MAICh (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania).

The  objectives and priorities of SEAGE are:

  • The joint creation of an integrated program of promotion, advertising, assistance and support in the regions  in order to give the visitor the opportunity to meet the local product;
  • The co-ordination and the cooperation among the enterprises in the regions to achieve and maintain quality at a high level;
  • Sharing and increasing the visibility of the agro-associations and companies involved in SEAGE programmes;
  • The coordination of actions to encourage and enhance local products and promote them to a wider market;
  • The infrastructure for the ongoing support of the Unions involved in SEAGE, to facilitate their operations and to improve the access of the member companies in the market;
  • The implementation of actions that will facilitate technology transfer processes to agri-tourism enterprises;
  • The creation of a network of rural tourism enterprises in Greece and abroad;
  • The implementation of specific quality standards and specifications such as HACCP and ISO, in Agro-tourism enterprises;
  • The grant of a label showing that agro-tourism businesses are members of the Unions;
  • The protection of agro-enterprises against speculation and unfair competition;
  • Consumer protection and information for visitors about rural tourism;
  • The safeguarding and the promotion of local cultural and architectural heritage;
  • The preservation and promotion of traditional, aesthetic and consumption patterns of individual areas;
  • Environmental protection; enhancement; promotion and preservation of natural beauty areas;
  • The collaboration with similar initiatives implemented in other European countries.


The priorities will contribute significantly to a range of achievements and results, which are considered crucial for the SEAGE to highlight the organization's vital role in the sustainable development of our country.  

Among the results obtained are indicated:

  • The creation of conditions for sustainable employment in rural tourism enterprises.
  • The improvement in the competitiveness of the companies involved in Agro-Associations.
  • The effectiveness of the competitive advantages of business networking at a local level (this encourages other enterprises to join in Agritourism Unions)
  • The improvement of conditions for the sale and promotion of local products.
  • The maintenance and preservation of both the natural environment and the cultural heritage of each individual area.