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The priority of the creation of a institutional, collective, representative structure for tourism entrepreneurs and other operators involved in tourism activities was affirmed during the First National Congress of Local Pacts for Quality Tourism and Business Network, which was held concurrently with the 5th and 6th Meeting of Rural Enterprise.

The non-profit company "Agroxenia" was created by tourism entrepreneurs, based in the rural community of Kryoneri, Corinth, and registered in the Court of Corinth.

The goals of the company are developmental, social, humanitarian, educational, scientific, and environmental:

In particular, Agroxenia aims at:

  1. The creation of an institutional framework for rural tourism.
  2. The creation of standards  for national tourism.
  3. The qualitative improvement of business procedures and infrastructures, in order to support the increasing demand for rural tourism and agritourism.
  4. The promotion of organic farming and processing of the products.
  5. The creation of an environmental awareness by promoting sustainable forms of energy consumption, proper management of water resources and of waste treatment.
  6. The support for the coordination, the cooperation and the synergy among entrepreneurs and tourism operators.
  7. The support in solving issues dealing with tourism and its connection with culture.
  8. Facilitating the exchange of experiences between rural tourism and agritourism operators,  through knowledge transfer and market information.
  9. The organization of training seminars with renowned institutions in Greece and/or abroad.
  10. Providing documentation and help in outlining the issues related to rural tourism and agritourism.
  11. The outline of certification standards for tourism enterprises and for rural tourism.
  12. The creation of companies to promote and showcase the products and the services of Agroxenia members.
  13. The organization of workshops, conferences, exhibitions concerning tourism issues.
  14. Carrying out researches in order to provide supporting documentation for the development of models of sustainability and viability.
  15. Taking part in funded initiatives and programmes at a local, regional, national and European level aimed at the development of rural tourism.
  16. The publication of books, magazines and brochures, the realization of web sites and electronic newspapers; the organization of meetings and lectures, concerning rural tourism and agritourism issues.


Agroxenia contacts:


20200 Krioneri Corinth

Tel 27420 51083 / fax. 27420 51665