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SEAGE is actually planning the following series of actions, in order to achieve its objectives: - 

  • The use of all means of publicity to promote rural tourism products and services (participation in exhibitions in Greece and abroad, creation of information material, etc.).
  • Participation in national and international business networks.
  • Participating and working within the programmes of local agencies, including the activities of Local Authorities (Municipalities, Local Associations, Municipal Enterprises and National organizations etc.).
  • Coordinated actions in order to understand the need for cooperation among rural tourism businesses, to ensure and enhance the quality of regional production.
  • The development of direct and effective information mechanisms- information to the Unions and business members
  • The pursuit of international cooperation in the implementation of educational and research programs.
  • The pursuit of cooperation with experts in business networking and promotion of products and services, and the acquisition of their knowledge.
  • The implementation and promotion of the participation of rural tourism enterprises in co-funded development programmes; research and technological development; training and the general upgrading of human resources.
  • The planning, preparation and involvement in studies and surveys, concerning the main subject of Agritourism development.