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 Agrotourism training of Polish students in Greece
Association FILOXENIA is the hosting organisation in Greece of the project "Foreign internships for students and graduates of vocational schools and vocational training staff" Students from Nowy Targ, Poland, with studies on Agribusiness, Landscape Architecture and Rural Tourism, participate in the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Commission's Education and Vocational Training Sector, which enables them to see, how their profile orientation functions in other European countries. The project, led by the Małopolskie Centrum Edukacji and the...Read more
The 3rd National Congress of Rural Tourism was held in the Peloponnese - Greece
The 3rd National Rural Tourism Congress in Greece was carried out with great success in the Peloponnese - Greece. The congress was organised by the Hellenic Rural Tourism Federation (SEAGE) and it was hosted in Arcadia 2 - 5 May 2014, with the participation of delegates from all Rerional Rural Tourism Unions of Greece and from representatives of the European Rural Tourism Federation EuroGites.Read more
"Awesome nature trails" -  Athens airport magazine 2board
An ardent devotee of the Greek countryside proposes some tried and trusted trails for the country’s alternative travellers. 1) Panormo,Rethymno Having the Idyli traditional guest house as your base, discover the picturesque village and its beach, visit the exhibition and cultural centre at Charoupomylos, the archaeological site of Ancient Eleftherna, the springs at Argyroupoli and buy some traditional ceramics in the village of Margarites. At Peza, savour authentic Greek cuisine at the restaurant Onisimos. Wander through the Old Town of...Read more
5th European Congress on Rural Tourism - “European Rural Tourism 2020”
Under the theme “The Future of Rural Tourism”, our 2014 congress will deal with the current and future challenges of this promising sector. This year the congress is organised by EuroGites-European Federation of Rural Tourism,together with its national partner Austrian Farm Holidays.Read more