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Railway network


Currently the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) owns and maintains the following lines:


Major rail network

  • The main line from Piraeus to Thessaloniki (with its branches at Inoi-Chalkis and Lianokladi-Lamia-Stylis). The sections between Athens-Tithorea and Domokos-Thessaloniki have been extensively modernised and feature an electrified double track.
  • The main line from Athens to Corinth–Kiato (Line is mainly used by the Proastiakos commuter rail service).
  • The electrified single track line from Thessaloniki to Idomeni.

Minor rail network

  • The standard gauge single track line from Platy (branching off from the Athens-Thessaloniki mainline) to Florina and Kozani, forming the Kozani-Amyntaio railway line.
  • The standard gauge single track line Thessaloniki to Alexandroupolis and Ormenio, with its branch to Promachon at the Greek-Bulgarian borders.
  • The standard gauge lines of Thessaly (Kalambaka and Volos branches), as part of the Thessaly rail network .

Peloponnese metre gauge network

  • Metre gauge line from Athens to Patras (although in use after Kiato).
  • Metre gauge line from Patras to Pyrgos.
  • Metre gauge line from Pyrgos to Olympia.
  • Metre gauge line from Pyrgos to Katakolo.
  • Metre gauge line from Pyrgos to Zevgolatio (via Kalo Nero),
  • Metre gauge line from Corinth to Kalamata (via Argos, Tripoli and Zevgolatio),
  • Metre gauge line from Argos to Naufplion,
  • Metre gauge line from Kalo Nero to Kyparissia,
  • Metre gauge line from Kalamata to Messene.

Tourist rail network

  • The  narrow gauge rack railway line from Diakopto to Kalavryta (the Diakofto–Kalavryta Railway)
  • The seasonal,  narrow gauge line from Ano Lechonia to Milies (the Pelion railway)